Weekly links: Hot weather edition

I took The Collie outside this morning at 10 and it was already rather toasty out there – 76 degrees with a heat index of 78. Looks like today may be our hottest (or at least most uncomfortable) yet. Tuesday is usually “Collie Park Day” (Husband and I take The Collie to the off-leash park) but it might be a little too hot for that today. Or perhaps we’ll go and just let her have a swim in the pond. If it’s hot where you are and you’ve decided today is a good “stay inside” day, here are some interesting and/or useful links for you to check out.

Over at BlogHer, greenlagirl has a post about some really cool “green” notebooks. I use both sides of the paper as often as possible but never thought of putting it together in a notebook like this.

In a newsletter-from-a-big-company I received this week, they had a link to an article about wine, how it’s made, wine tasting, etc. When Husband and I go out to eat, I often think having a glass of wine with dinner sounds like a great idea, but I never know what kind to order, what tastes I will like, etc. Enter this article. I haven’t read through all the pages of it yet, but thus far I’ve learned quite a bit about wine terminology and what it means. There’s so much more to learn though (isn’t there always?). Someday, I’d like to go to a wine tasting event.

Ron over at The Wisdom Journal has a great story about how easy it is to acquire debt when we’re young and what the consequences of that can be. We’ve all seen the lists and reasons why you shouldn’t use credit cards (unless you pay them off every month) and why we should save money, but Ron has taken those lists and put them in a story that makes it much easier to see and understand why we should be careful with our money and what happens if we’re not.

Trent over at The Simple Dollar posted a review of Isn’t It Their Turn to Pick Up the Check, a book about money, lending money, and how money can cause issues between family and friends. Reading about others’ thoughts on lending money to family always interests me. Husband and I have been on both the giving and receiving ends of loans between family members and I’m happy to say that they have all gone well. We have a brother and sisters that occasionally find themselves in a pinch and we like to help them out if at all possible, because we’ve been in similar situations (can anyone says “expensive vet bills for The Collie”?) and are grateful for the help we received at those times. When we do loan out the money, we view it as giving a gift, even if the family member intends to pay it back. That way, if we never get it back or don’t get it back on schedule we’re not “out” anything. Of course, we both have to agree on a) lending the money in the first place and b) the particular amount before we’ll lend it out.

J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly has a neat article about subscribing to a Craigslist search via RSS feed. There’s nothing in particular I’m searching for right now, but I will have to keep this in mind for when I am looking for that special something.

Evil HR Lady has answered a question about dealing with employees who report a problem co-worker, yet want to stay anonymous. Since I manage such a small group of people (under 10), I run into this issue sometimes. Everyone at my kennel knows who worked before them, so if Joe is in trouble for something, he can quickly determine that it must have been Allie that talked to me because Allie worked just after him and would have been the one to notice the issue. Fortunately, I have an excellent group of people (seriously, they’re awesome) that doesn’t usually worry about such things, which makes my job much easier than it could be.

That’s all for now. Until then, stay cool and enjoy the warm weather!

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