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Trying Out A New Look

I’ve been playing around with my blog design tonight.  I like this theme better.  I especially like the customizable header part – I’ve been playing with it for the last half-an-hour or so.  The header still isn’t quite what I’m going for, but it’ll work for now.  The sleeping Collie is pretty adorable.


Don’t dogs get tired of barking?

Don’t dogs ever get tired of barking incessantly?  Don’t their throats start to hurt?  Don’t they get tired of the noise?  One would expect so, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I’m at work today and some of the dogs here have been barking non-stop for the last hour.  There are weekends when we have lots of quiet dogs that only bark when there’s actually something to bark at.  Then there are weekends, like this one, where the dogs just sit back there and bark at anything and nothing.  It can make for a long, frustrating weekend…

Class Schedule Frustrations

Early on in the summer, I registered for classes and had my fall class schedule all figured out. Everything was peachy. Now I’m thinking my schedule isn’t as great as I once did, the hours I could/need to work have changed a bit, and I’ve heard mixed reviews on one of the instructors I’m supposed to have. I’m trying to re-arrange my schedule, but there’s just no good way to do it with the classes that are still open. Ideally, I’ll only have to go to school once a week (twice at the most), but the classes that would make that possible are full. I keep logging on to the school’s website to see if any of the classes I want have opened up. No such luck thus far. Unless they do open up soon, I’ll just have to work with what’s open (frustrating as that is!). At least I’m moving closer to school soon, so if I do have to drive down there two days a week it won’t be as big of a deal and won’t cost as much in gas money.

One of the classes I’ll be taking next semester is imaging – radiology. I’m rather looking forward to that one. I don’t know a whole lot about it, so it should be challenging. My other course options include lab and exotic animals (really not my thing), microbiology (had that in undergrad a few years ago, so it shouldn’t be too difficult), and the second in a series of an animal medicine/nursing class (there’s a lot of extra classwork in that one, but it shouldn’t be too difficult). After those classes, I just have a large animal medicine class (fun!) and anesthesia/surgery before I take my review class, complete my clinical training, then graduate. Woo hoo! After I graduate, I can take my state and national boards to get my certification. Then I’ll be done with school, at least for now (I’d like to go back and finish my bachelor’s degree at some point since I’m so close to having it done). Being done with school sounds so nice right now 🙂

More about this blog

When I started this blog, I had a certain idea of what I wanted it to be like and what sorts of articles I wanted to write.  I had both specific article ideas and a general “theme” idea.  Neither of those things are getting done like I wanted them to.  I’m the sort of person If I think something isn’t going to turn out well, I tend to not do it at all instead of giving it my best effort anyway, which is why I’ve written so little on this blog.  I was thinking about this the other day and decided that instead of waiting to write on my blog until I can put as much work in to each article as I want to, I should just start writing.  In my mind, having a blog with something written on it, even if the writing isn’t super-high quality is better than a blog that has nothing written on it because the blog writer hasn’t been able to write that perfect article yet.  A blog without posts isn’t much of a blog now, is it?

I want this blog to give a glimpse into the life of a vet tech student (and later a vet tech), a kennel manager, a young married gal trying to live frugally and climb out of debt.  So I’ve decided I’m going to write more about what’s going on.  If I have time to write some articles on frugality or personal finance or on boarding your dog, I will.  If not, you’ll at least still have a glimpse into this life of mine.  And if there’s something you’d like to know about working at a kennel, living frugally while in school, being in tech school, let me know!  I love sharing what I know with other people.

Back in Town and Done With School (for a few weeks)

Just a quick note to let you know I’m still around. I’m back from my trip and am done with school for the semester. I’m working extra the next few weeks since I don’t have school and I have a ton of stuff to catch up on. I also need to hire people and get ready for Labor Day Weekend – a hopefully busy weekend for work.

Check back later in the week for a new post and perhaps a few pictures (I’m still processing the hundreds of photos I took)!

Mid-week links: Taking a trip edition

Ten days ago, I mentioned I had a busy few weeks coming up, in preparation for a trip to my sister’s. The “busy weeks” part is over and now it’s time for my trip. I did my two lab finals today (got an ‘A’ on one and I’m pretty sure I got an ‘A’ on the other, as well). Due to a lack of self-discipline, I will still have to do some homework out at my sister’s – two quizzes, a test, and two finals. Really, me having that homework just gives me and my sister a good excuse to go spend some time at a coffee shop (so I can access the internet – it’s not hooked up at my sister’s house yet). I’m quite excited about my trip and am looking forward to meeting my little niece whenever she decides to make her appearance.

I’m all packed and ready to go. I’ve packed some snacks so I don’t need to buy (as much) airport food. I’ve packed some granola bars, some trial mix, and a sliced apple, as well as my water bottle. I’ll have to dump the water bottle before I head through security, but I can re-fill it once I get through.

I’m not sure what my posting schedule will be like the next few weeks. I’d certainly like to do a bit of blogging while I’m gone, but we shall see. Helping out with the new baby may take most of my free time 🙂

In the meantime, here are a few links for you to check out:
Punny Money has a hilarious article about flying. So timely for me!

Over at The Simple Dollar, there’s an interesting article about the difference between being broke and being poor. I never spent a lot of time thinking about the differences between broke and poor until I read Trent’s article. Hmmm…

If you enjoy reading from medical professionals, check out Surgeonsblog. I read a few of his stories the other night and they were pretty interesting. Of course, I find darn near anything related to medicine (human or veterinary) fascinating. If you’re the squeamish sort, this might not be the link for you.

Lastly, some of the winners of the Bloggy Giveaways have been posted. Did you win anything? I’d love to hear about it! When I checked my blog account tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I won some Soap Nuts from Smellyann. I’m really looking forward to trying these out. Thanks, Smellyann!

I’m off to have some sleep. Enjoy your weekend!