Mmmmm, jam…

Right now, I’m listening to jar lids “pop”.  I love that sound!  My jars of jam finished boiling a few minutes ago and now they’re sitting on the counter.

I started making jam the summer we got married.  I had never made it before and had never helped anyone make it.  One day, I just decided I wanted to learn how to make jam.  Off to the library I went and came home armed with a few good books.  My mom helped me make my first batch.  We ended up with a peach sauce instead of jam, because we ended up nearly pureeing the peaches instead of chopping them, but the sauce was really good!  Since then, I’ve made cherry jam, pear jam, plum jam, and more peach jam.  It’s really not as difficult as it seems at first.  It does take some time, but it’s relatively simple process: Wash up all your jars and lids, chop the fruit, combine the fruit with sugar and lemon juice, boil it, add the pectin, boil it some more, put it in jars, put lids on, boil the jars of jam, let them sit, then enjoy!  There are no complex steps, but the instructions do need to be followed carefully or your jam won’t set or may not seal properly (in which case you can re-process it in the boiling water or just refrigerate it and use it up before too long).

I haven’t determined if making jam is more economical than buying it at the store (perhaps I’ll run down costs in a future post), but it tastes sooooo much better than the store jam. There’s also the satisfaction I get from making the jam and then eating something I’ve made.  If you like working in the kitchen and you like eating jam (or have a lot of extra fruit around), try making some jam.  The results will be tasty!

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