Radiology Mid-Term Grade

We got our radiology mid-term proficiency grades yesterday.  I’m happy to report that I did better than I expected on the written portion – I didn’t get any wrong!  I was a bit concerned about my radiograph evaluation – I wasn’t sure that my suggestions for improving the image were correct.  My final grade on the test was 56/60 – an A!  When we first got to class, somebody asked the instructor if we all got A’s.  We did!

In class yesterday we did skull and pelvis radiographs, both of which require anesthetizing the animal.  We worked on an adorable blue merle Miniature Australian Shepherd.  She was very cooperative 😉  During the second half of class we worked on thecnique charts, which involved doing some math to figure out our initial settings, developing the radiograph, evaluating it, and adjusting our settings accordingly.  From there, we had to fill out an entire chart that listed the appropriate settings for different tissue thicknesses.  We only meet one more time before our final.

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  • Budgets are Sexy.  On November 14, 2008 at 1:36 PM

    AWESOME work!!! That as GOT to feel good 🙂 Sometimes i wanna go back to school to have those feeling again – such an accomplishment.

    Happy Friday!

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