Soldier’s Angels and Project Valour-IT

If you look in my blogroll, you’ll see a link titled “From my position, on the way”.  It doesn’t really fit with the themes of the rest of my links.  It’s the only military blog on my list.  I started reading “From my position” quite a while back (a couple years, perhaps) and check it out every one in a while.  It’s written by a soldier who was severely wounded while serving overseas.  A highly opinionated, outspoken, family loving (that’s not quite the word I’m looking for, but it’s late and I don’t feel well, so you’ll have to excuse me), patriotic soldier.  From his blog, I learned of an organization called Soldier’s Angels.

Soldier’s Angels, is an organization that provides aid, support, and comfort to military personnel and their familes.   They have a program called Project Valour-IT.  Project Valour-IT provides laptops and other technology to military personnel recovering from severe injuries.  They provide laptops with voice-recognition software, allowing the injured person to stay connected with family, friends and the outside world while they recover.  They also provide other technology that aids these severely injured soldiers, airmen, etc. recover both physically and psychologically.  For more information on Project Valour-IT, click here.

For Veteran’s Day (which was a few weeks ago), Soldier’s Angels is running a fundraiser for this project.  Their goal is to raise $250,000 to go towards Project Valour-IT.  The fundraiser ends Thanksgiving Day (they will certainly accept donations after this date, though).  They’ve set up a friendly competition between the branches of the military.  Each branch is a “team”: Air Force, Army, Navy/USCG, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.  If you’re in the Marine Corps, you can “join” the Marine Corp team, for example.  If you have a child or relative in the Army, you can donate via the Army team.  (All donations will end up in the same place – the teams are just set up as a way to get some friendly competition going.)  Right now, Team Navy/USCG is in the lead, followed by Team Army.

If you like what Project Valour-IT is doing and you have even a few bucks to spare, head on over and donate (see this page for information on tax-deductions).  While you’re at the page, click around and see what else Soldier’s Angels does.  They have many different programs you can get involved in, including adopting a soldier (when you adopt a soldier, you agree to send a certain number of care packages and letters to your adoptee).  They have programs and projects that both individuals and groups can get involved in.

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