Happy Sunday!

choirI hope you’re having a great Sunday and getting some time to relax. My Sunday has gone quite well, thus far. Today was my first day singing with the choir at this church (I started attending this church less than two months ago). Everyone was quite happy to see that I had joined choir. The people at this church are so friendly and welcoming – they’re a great example of how members of a church should act. They’ve been just fantastic. One person in particular has made it her mission to see that I get introduced to as many people as possible. I now recognize lots of faces at church. If only I could remember the names that went with them.

After church was Sunday school, where we eat some super-tasty food and discuss whatever passage we’re focusing on at the time.   I wonder if there’s a connection between the weekly snacks at Sunday school and my pants shrinking?

Following Sunday School there was a business meeting to provide a good excuse to have a potluck to update everyone on the status of the search for a permanent pastor and to go over the 2008 and 2009 budgets. While we all ate yummy food and desserts, various people gave, you guessed it, updates on the pastoral search and went over (as in discussed, not overspent) the budget.

I to the store after church, then came home and took the dog out to play some fetch (and so I could take pictures of her).  Once I edit a few pictures, I’ll post them.

Now I’ve downloaded a trial of Adobe Lightroom program and am trying to figure out how it works.  There are lots of buttons, sliders, arrows, and tools to use there.  I’m hoping to have some more time to play with it and learn how it all works over break.

Tonight, Weatherman and I are going to put up our tree and decorate for Christmas, only two weeks later than I wanted to.  I’ve decorated at work, but haven’t done any here at home yet (that tells you where I’ve been spending all my time, doesn’t it?).

I’m off to edit some pictures.  How was your Sunday?

Photo from: Scott Schram

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  • Scott Schram  On December 7, 2008 at 8:27 PM

    Thanks for using my photo in your blog post!

    It’s great that Creative Commons licensing makes it possible to see those photos used.

    Blessings to you and Weatherman. 🙂


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