Microbiology Grade Update and Other Grades

It appears I was wrong about my microbiology grade. I’ve seen my final grade for the class, and it’s an ‘A’. They must round to the nearest whole number. Works for me.

I had e-mailed one of my other instructors after I had gotten my supposed A- grade and she had some good words for me. She said, “The 0.3% does not change who you are as a person – they’re just numbers.” She’s right. I need to stop worrying about my grades so much. An A- is just fine. Really, it’s fine.

I’m over halfway done with finals now. I took my microbiology lecture final this morning and got an A on that, thus giving me an A in the class. Yay! That leaves me with two finals – radiology lecture and small animal medicine II lecture. Both of those are online. One needs to be taken sometime today and the other by Friday. And then, I will be homework-free for a month! A whole month! It will be so strange. Just work and whatever else I want/need to do. No homework no assignments. I can read non-school books, finish unpacking (doesn’t everyone take at least three months to unpack?), sleep in, play piano, and plan for next semester.

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  • Tiffany  On December 11, 2008 at 2:04 AM

    Hey, I came across your blog while searching for vet tech info. I was wondering how much your vet tech schooling is? I’m trying to decide whether or not I should go to vet tech school. There are only 2 options in my area and both cost 30 grand and take 16 months. That price seems extraordinarily high for such little vet techs make. What is your opinion? Thanks!

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