Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas. All snug and warm inside, enjoying the lights, Christmas cookies, and most of all, fellowship with family (and friends). We’re essentially “done” with Christmas here. Last week, we spent five days with Weatherman’s family (they live about six hours away from us) and yesterday we had Christmas with my parents. Unfortunately, I won’t get to see my sister, her husband, and my niece this Christmas 😦 I think this is the first Christmas I haven’t been with my sister. Sadness. Such is life, though… We had a (mostly) great time visiting Weatherman’s family. It was cold, cold, cold there. We had a blizzard and lots of cold. We had a quiet Christmas with my parents last night.

I worked most of today, braved the mall to get a good deal (got $26 of Bath & Body Works products for only $3.40!), had a quick dinner at home, went to church with the weatherman, and then went back to work. I love the Christmas Eve service at church! All the good Christmas songs, the Christmas story, and the candlelight! And this year I got to enjoy it with Good-Looking Weatherman. Bliss.

Now Hubby is at work, so it’s just me and the fluffy Collie here at home. I played some Christmas music on my keyboard and now I’m listening to Josh Groban’s “Noel” CD (thanks, Mom!). I’m going to read “The Polar Express” and then head off to bed. My dad always read “The Polar Express” to my sister and I on Christmas Eve.

May you have a blessed and joyful Christmas!

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