Think I’ve Been at Work Much?

When I closed my eyes to sleep last night, all I could hear was barking dogs. Barking, yipping, yowling, howling dogs. I think I’ve spent too much time at work recently.

Since we don’t have a whole lot of dogs for tomorrow morning, I managed to “get out” of working. I don’t have to be at the kennel for two whole days! It feels like I don’t have to go back for a week! I still have to work one of my other jobs (more on that later), but no dealing with barking dogs until Wednesday!

(In case you’re wondering, I put in about 33 hours Wednesday through Saturday, which really isn’t a lot, but I started at seven in the morning, took a break mid-day, and was there until almost 9pm most of those nights. I also put in a few hours today. Next week looks to be almost as busy.)

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