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A Taste of Spring

It’s gorgeous here today – in the 40’s! Earlier in the week it was in the teens or twenties below zero. This is much better. Much, much better.

In other news, I’ve been absent from this blog due to being out of town for a sled dog race and being buried under homework. I’m hoping to get caught up on things this week (ha). I’ve been taking pictures every day, I just haven’t been posting them.


I Can Relate to This

song chart memes
more music charts

🙂  I’m doing homework now.  Can you tell?

It’s how cold?

If you were wondering whether or not it’s still cold here, take a look at this:


That’s our current temperature.  If that’s not cold enough for you, check out this number:


That’s our forecasted low for tonight.  Still not cold enough for you?  Head north for a few hours and you’ll be able to find this later on:


These temps all seem like perfectly normal January temps to me.  I grew up where we would go days on end without ever getting above zero.  Layers and Carhartt’s Arctic Extremes go a long ways in keeping you warm when you have to venture outdoors in below-zero temps (which I had to do twice a day when I was growing up).

So, how cold is it, exactly, when it’s twenty below?  Other than twenty below?  Well, it’s cold enough that you can take a pot of boiling water, throw the water in the air, and it will be frozen/turn into snow crystals almost immediately.  Hmm, I should try that when I take the dog out tonight…

(Temp clips were taken from our local National Weather Service Forecast Offices, which I won’t link to because then you’d know almost exactly where I live.  If you’d like your own local NWS forecast, though, you can just go here and click on your region to find your very own overnight low temps.  Or the low temps of a place north of you.  Or south.  Or east.  Even west.)

Single Step Personal Finance Challenge: Follow-Up

Way back in, oh, July or in some other warm month, Mrs. Micah posted a Single Step Personal Finance Challenge.  I joined in and challenged myself to find a better way to handle our grocery budget.  We were consistently overspending our allotment in that category and I was not liking that.  In response to the challenge, I came up with a few different ideas for reducing our spending.  You can read all the details here.  I’m happy to report that in December, we finally stayed within budget!  YAY!  (Okay, we were 32 cents over.  But close enough.  I can cover 32 cents with pocket change I find around the apartment.)  We were down in our spending some months between then and now, but we haven’t met the budget until now.

How’d we do it?  Well, we spent less money.  Seriously, though, I think it’s because we’ve been going to the grocery store a lot less often.  Last summer, we were going to the grocery store at least once a week.  Now we only do major shopping about twice a month.  We make quick stops in between our major stops to get milk or other miscellaneous items.  In our twice-monthly trips, we spend more than we did on our weekly trips, but not by a huge amount, thus the savings.

For January, we’ve actually reduced our grocery budget to $350.  I always stock up on things when there’s a sale, so there’s no shortage of food around here.  We’ve decided to eat some of the gallons of hot cereal (I measure it in gallons because we keep the dry mix in gallon jars) for breakfast instead of buying more cold cereal.  If I remember, I’ll update at the beginning of February and let you know if we came in budget or not.

The Crunchier the Snow, the Colder the Temperature

The colder it gets, the crunchier (and louder) the snow gets. When it gets down below zero, you can be sitting inside and hear the snow crunching as cars drive by. While I don’t particularly enjoy cold, there’s something cozy about being inside and hearing the loud crunch of the snow. No picture of snow today (it was cold out!), but I’ll try and get some this week. We’ve been getting snow dumped on us repeatedly this last week, so there’s plenty there for me to photograph. Until then, stay warm!

Project 365: Day 6

There are two options for today’s picture.  Here’s number 1 (I’ll explain in a minute)

Day 6

Here’s number 2:

Day 6, picture 2

Two things happened on Day 6 that I wanted to make note of: We FINALLY got our new dishwasher installed and I got my package from the office, which was my Christmas and birthday present from my husband, the Good-looking Weatherman.  He got me Fannie May Mint Meltaways.  Mmmmm.  They’re super tasty.  And minty.  And choclately.  Anyway…  When I was trying to fiure out the picture for the day, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate both events.  Hence picture 1 (which was way better in my mind, by the way – it was funny and not nearly so ridiculous as it seems in real life).  Since picture 1 didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped (dreamed), I took picture 2 (which is actually something like picture 8 and there are more pictures after it).

Project 365: Day 5

I’m quickly falling behind in updating my Project 365 photos.  Grrr!  At any rate, now that I’ve watermarked, rotated, and re-watermarked the pictures, I can upload some tonight.  Here’s Day 5:

Day 5

Day 5 was on a Monday.  My Christmas/birthday present was deliver via UPS and Weatherman and I went to see “Marley and Me” that evening.  We both enjoyed the movie.  We weren’t able to pick up our UPS delivery until the next day because the office closed before we could get over there.

New Header Image

What do you think of the new header image? Do you like it? Does it look good? Any suggestions? Questions? Comments? Concerns? (Do you think I used enough question marks in this post?)

Project 365: Day 4

Here’s January 4th’s Project 365 post, a few days late.

I worked my third job tonight and ended up working with the critter we had in isolation.  Before we go into the iso room, we have to take off accessories (watches, cell phones, etc.) and take things out of our pockets.  It was me and one other gal working in iso tonight and she threw me right in and kept me busy.  I hate it when people do that, because usually when they throw me in I’m not very confident of my skills.  What I really need, though, is for them to throw me in and make me do stuff.  My co-worker was right there with me to guide me and answer questions.  Everything went fine.  Some stuff I’m okay doing, even if I’m new on the job.  Other stuff, like giving things IV, freaks me out a bit more because there are bigger/more serious consequences if I screw up.

Here’s a picture of the stuff I was carrying on me and in my pockets the other night at work:

Day 4

I also had a pen and my wallet, but they didn’t make it into the picture for some reason.

Start of Semester Panic

I just got access to my online classes this morning. I’m taking four lectures online. Now that I’ve read through the assignments, I’m freaking out just a little bit. There’s a lot of work there! Essays (lots of essays!), worksheets, discussions, tests, quizzes, PowerPoints. Yikes! And that’s only half my classes. I have four labs I’m taking, too. Plus I’ll be working three jobs. And I’d like to see my husband at least once in a while this semester. And maybe exercise the dog. And clean my apartment.

The thing keeping me from freaking out completely is that I always freak out at the beginning of the semester. It’s all new material, new instructors, new deadlines for each class, etc. Once I get into things a little bit, get my schedule written out, and get the deadlines straight in my head, I’ll feel better. I’ll be freaking out less. I hope. The last time I took 12 credits I only had a work study job, a dorm room, and no husband or dog. Now I have an apartment, a husband, a dog, and three jobs.  Am I crazy?  I must be.