Project 365: Day 1

Today is the starting day of Project 365!  For Day 1, I had trouble deciding what I was going to focus on in my daily picture.  A pillow, because I took a nap?  Something from work since I worked five hours today?  The Christmas tree, because I took it down tonight?  Some random thing?  I shot a bunch of pictures tonight and ultimately chose this one (my computer with my Photoshop and Lighroom trials on it is down, so this photo is sans-editing):

Project 365 Day 1

Nothing too spectacular and it was actually taken as a test shot.  It’s a dog toy in front of the Christmas tree.  But check out the lights on the tree – they’re neat little circles!  Those little circles are called “bokeh” – something I learned about on Pioneer Woman’s Photography Blog.  Once I read that post, I decided I wanted to try and get little circles of light in my pictures and decided a Christmas tree was a great place to try.  Success!

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