Project 365: Day 2

I’m toying with the idea of starting a separate blog for the Project 365 thing. I’ll let you know if I decide to actually do it.

Multiple opportunities to take some good pictures today. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home all day, so I missed most of ’em. Work was nothing exciting, other than discovering I received a tip last week. Woo hoo! After work, I met a friend, former employee, and classmate (all one person, not three separate people) for coffee. I usually see her every week at school, but since we’re on break I haven’t been seeing her at all recently. It was great to catch up with her. This evening was my husband’s company work party. I (almost) always enjoy visiting with his co-workers. There was bowling after dinner but we weren’t able to stay for that because one of us had to work tonight.

My picture options for today’s pick were limited. Because of that, I never even considered bringing my coffee cup home so I could photograph it.  See, here’s proof:

Day 2

Note the empty freezer-top with no coffee cup.  See?  I told you I didn’t bring my empty cup home.

There was a different picture I wanted to post but it turned out too blurry.  The restaurant we went to tonight had an insert in their menu that had so many spelling and grammar errors on it it almost seemed like they did it that way on purpose.  I took a picture using the camera on my cell phone but that camera isn’t good for close-up detail stuff like that.  Oh, well.

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