It’s how cold?

If you were wondering whether or not it’s still cold here, take a look at this:


That’s our current temperature.  If that’s not cold enough for you, check out this number:


That’s our forecasted low for tonight.  Still not cold enough for you?  Head north for a few hours and you’ll be able to find this later on:


These temps all seem like perfectly normal January temps to me.  I grew up where we would go days on end without ever getting above zero.  Layers and Carhartt’s Arctic Extremes go a long ways in keeping you warm when you have to venture outdoors in below-zero temps (which I had to do twice a day when I was growing up).

So, how cold is it, exactly, when it’s twenty below?  Other than twenty below?  Well, it’s cold enough that you can take a pot of boiling water, throw the water in the air, and it will be frozen/turn into snow crystals almost immediately.  Hmm, I should try that when I take the dog out tonight…

(Temp clips were taken from our local National Weather Service Forecast Offices, which I won’t link to because then you’d know almost exactly where I live.  If you’d like your own local NWS forecast, though, you can just go here and click on your region to find your very own overnight low temps.  Or the low temps of a place north of you.  Or south.  Or east.  Even west.)

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