Monthly Archives: April 2009

DONE with school!

I am DONE with school! Yay! I just took my last final. Managed to get the latest grade of gotten on a test through my entire vet tech degree (at least that I can remember), but at least I’m done. No more classes, no more homework. Just an internship, which sounds like a cakewalk after my crazy semester. To celebrate, I will be eating some bread I made and then going to bed.


Three-quarters done with finals

I finished lab finals last Friday and took two lecture finals tonight (online). I have two lecture finals left to take – one by Wednesday night and one by Thursday night – and then I am DONE with school. Forever. (At least until I go back to finish my BS degree.) No homework, no going to classes, no writing papers, no reading assignments. I’m very anxious to be done.

In other news, my sister and niece are here visiting from halfway across the country. My niece is adorable and such a little sweetheart. She’s a happy, smiley, friendly baby and so much fun. Tomorrow we’re going to go see some baby goats!

Home Stretch

This week is my last week of classes! I have a final on Thursday and one on Friday. At the beginning of next week I have four (!) lecture finals and then I’ll be done. There was no class last Friday, so it kind of feels like I’m already done with school. I still have a paper to write, though, and some homework due this week so I can’t quit just yet. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m anxious to be done and to be able to put more time into stuff that isn’t school (like my balcony garden). I still have my internship to complete, but that shouldn’t be too difficult – that’s just 12 weeks of “work” with little or no homework. It’ll be a cakewalk :p