Monthly Archives: June 2009

One more day…

…until I take my national certification exam. I work tomorrow and then Friday morning I’ll be up bright and early to go take my test. The test is at 8am, downtown.  I’ll have to drive through rush hour traffic, in downtown, to get there.  I can handle rush hour traffic on the freeway, but I really, really do NOT like driving downtown (off the freeway) even if it’s not rush hour.  I looked at taking the bus but it would take me an hour to get there (it’s a 30 minute drive in no traffic), which isn’t bad, and three hours (THREE HOURS!) to get back home.  I think I’ll just brave the traffic.  Saturday morning is my state test, which is supposed to be quite easy when compared to the national test (The national test has 200 questions and you have four hours to take it. It also costs $200.  The state test has fewer questions, but the questions are timed.).

It should be fun…  Pray for me (or wish me luck, leave me a note, or do whatever it is you do, if you want).  Oh, and the best part of taking these tests soon?  It means I’ll be DONE with them soon!  Yay!