About Me

I’m one of those nosy blog readers who likes to know more about a blog author than what’s contained in that little “About Me” section on the blog homepage.  As such, I thought it would only be fair to share some more information with my blog readers.

I reside in the Midwest region of the USA.  In one of the cold, snowy states.  I hate the cold because I get hives when I’m cold.  The hives are a relatively new development.  My childhood was blissfully, cold-hives free, which made living in this cold state much more pleasant.

I’m married to a weatherman.  A good-looking weatherman that I rarely see.  That’s what happens when you have to work shifts that are opposite each other’s.  We’re hopeful that someday we’ll have at least semi-compatible schedules.

I grew up on a farm and hate living in the city.  Someday, Good-Looking Weatherman and I will move the country again.  And I will have goats.  And a wild horse (that will eventually be tame).  And another Collie or two, some poultry, and various other critters.

My favorite animal is the goat.  They’re fantastic.  Smart, cute, and they have the coolest lips.  Seriously.  And they don’t eat everything and only the un-castrated males smell bad.

I love ice cream.  I eat it almost every night.  (My mouth doesn’t get hives when it’s cold, thank goodness.)

It’s past my “bedtime” and I have three finals tomorrow, so that’s all you get to know about me tonight.  And until I update this page again.

Feel free to e-mail me at frugalvettech at yahoo dot com


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