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It’s been a while, eh?

Yikes.  Really a long while.  Sorry ’bout that.  I graduated from tech school and never found a full-time tech job, so I really didn’t have much to write about.  At least nothing vet-tech related.  Working two shifts a month as a tech doesn’t give a person much to blog about.

Now, however, good-looking weatherman and I have moved to a new state and I finally have a job as a full-time tech.  Good-looking weatherman also has a shiny, new job.  His job is the reason we moved.  So we’ve spent the last six weeks or so unpacking, finding our way around town, checking out the new places to eat, and adjusting to our new jobs.  I must say, I really, really enjoy working as a tech.  On my days off, I’m kind of disappointed that I don’t get to go to work.


Seven Things About Me

A while back, Nate over at CF Husband posted a “Seven Things” post and said, “Feel free to post you own 7 Things list on your own blog…I give you permission to steal from my genius…”   So I’m stealing from his genius and copying his post idea.

1) I love goats.  I raised goats for about eight years when I was growing up and the only reason I stopped was because I left for college.  When Husband and I can manage it, we’re moving out of the city, getting a farm, and I’ll be getting goats again.  The first goats I had were pet goats, then I had dairy goats.  Alpines are my favorite breed.

2) I hate politics.  Perhaps if there was less name-calling, finger-pointing, and bashing I’d be slightly more interested in them, but not likely.  It’s really not my thing.

3) I’m a military brat.  My dad spent thirty-some years in the Air Guard (or is it Air Force?  I’m forever mixing those two up, even though I’ve been told the differences many times).

4) I don’t like red pens.  My mom used to use them to mark my papers or mark papers I’d get at conferences or seminars (thus wrecking the new, organized look and feel of the papers I had in my folder).  I hated that.

5) My first experience driving a vehicle (that wasn’t a tractor or 4-wheeler) consisted of my dad telling me to get in the truck (I got in the passenger’s side and he told me to get in the driver’s seat), telling me to turn the key, how to put it in drive, and where he’d meet me (we were in a hayfield, not on a road).  I told him I was not interested in driving.  He told me I could do it and walked off.  I drove.  In retrospect, that was probably a good way for him to do it, because if we had waited for me to decide I was ready to drive, well, we’d have been waiting a long time.

6) I do not feel old enough to be managing a kennel, writing reference letters for people (I was recently asked to write a couple of reference letters for one of my employees), to be an aunt, or to have been married for as long as I have been.  I’m just not old enough for all that.

7) Going to an environmental college really “rubbed off” on me (and my husband).  If you compare us to my family (not sure about husband’s family in this instance), you can see major differences in our actions and thoughts regarding sustainability and being “green”.  My sister thinks much less “green” than we do, too.  It’s sort of interesting.