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It’s been a while, eh?

Yikes.  Really a long while.  Sorry ’bout that.  I graduated from tech school and never found a full-time tech job, so I really didn’t have much to write about.  At least nothing vet-tech related.  Working two shifts a month as a tech doesn’t give a person much to blog about.

Now, however, good-looking weatherman and I have moved to a new state and I finally have a job as a full-time tech.  Good-looking weatherman also has a shiny, new job.  His job is the reason we moved.  So we’ve spent the last six weeks or so unpacking, finding our way around town, checking out the new places to eat, and adjusting to our new jobs.  I must say, I really, really enjoy working as a tech.  On my days off, I’m kind of disappointed that I don’t get to go to work.


Almost done moving…

With the help of our fantastic friends, we got nearly all of our stuff moved yesterday.  Today the husband and I are back at the old place getting the rest of our stuff and getting the apartment clean and shiny.  Yesterday’s weather was great for moving -not too hot, but not too cold and sunny for part of the day.  It misted a little bit, but the rain held off until after we were done last night.  All in all, things went well.  Many thanks to our fantastic friends and family for helping us out.  We really, really appreciate it!

I’m off to do some cleaning…

Packing and Moving Week

We’re moving this weekend and our apartment looks like it.  It seems that we have no flat surface available.  I’m trying to determine how it is that I have packed so much of our stuff, yet still have no empty countertops or tables.  It confounds me.  It makes our already-crowded apartment seem even smaller and more crowded (having an extra couch crammed in here doesn’t help).  I just keep telling myself that we’re moving in a few days and that I can handle this until Saturday.  Sometimes it even works!  I’m trying to clean as I go so that we don’t have to clean everything after we move.  Hopefully it won’t seem so overwhelming that way.

We get in to our apartment on Saturday, but we’re not getting our moving truck until Sunday (I discovered it’s much cheaper to rent the truck on Sunday).  My mom, smart woman that she is, suggested we pack up the kitchen and bathroom on Saturday and get them all set up at the new place.  She’ll be heading over to help us load up one of our cars and her car, then she’ll come to the new place and help me unpack and set up the new kitchen and bathroom (thanks, Mom!).  On Sunday, we’ll be moving everything else.  We’ll have Monday and Tuesday until noon to clean up the old place, have our final walk-through, and turn in our keys.

The fluffy Collie will be spending the weekend at the kennel.  She gets all stressed out when we move, plus it will be easier to move boxes and furniture if we don’t have a dog standing in our way (she excels at being in the way).  Once we’re all moved in at our new place, we’ll go get here and bring her home, hopefully much less stressed than if we had kept her around during moving.

I’m off to go rest up for work tomorrow (and then more packing).  Have a great rest of the week!