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It’s been a while, eh?

Yikes.  Really a long while.  Sorry ’bout that.  I graduated from tech school and never found a full-time tech job, so I really didn’t have much to write about.  At least nothing vet-tech related.  Working two shifts a month as a tech doesn’t give a person much to blog about.

Now, however, good-looking weatherman and I have moved to a new state and I finally have a job as a full-time tech.  Good-looking weatherman also has a shiny, new job.  His job is the reason we moved.  So we’ve spent the last six weeks or so unpacking, finding our way around town, checking out the new places to eat, and adjusting to our new jobs.  I must say, I really, really enjoy working as a tech.  On my days off, I’m kind of disappointed that I don’t get to go to work.


Home Stretch

This week is my last week of classes! I have a final on Thursday and one on Friday. At the beginning of next week I have four (!) lecture finals and then I’ll be done. There was no class last Friday, so it kind of feels like I’m already done with school. I still have a paper to write, though, and some homework due this week so I can’t quit just yet. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m anxious to be done and to be able to put more time into stuff that isn’t school (like my balcony garden). I still have my internship to complete, but that shouldn’t be too difficult – that’s just 12 weeks of “work” with little or no homework. It’ll be a cakewalk :p

The New Job

A long while back, I noted that I had a new job and more information would be forthcoming. You’ve probably noticed that the information did not appear. That’s because I haven’t had the time to blog much lately. Between my three jobs and my classes, I’m not left with a whole lot of free time. Only eight more weeks, though, and I will be DONE with school.

Anyway, my not-quite-so-new job is working at a large animal hospital where I also get the opportunity to do some teaching. It’s a perfect job for me. I enjoy working with large animals so much more than small animals. While I’m at school, working on dogs and cats, I sometimes wonder why I’m going to school for vet tech. One night, I was at my large animal job, working on some critter (a calf, perhaps?) and remembered why I was going to tech school – because I love working with large animals. I’m excited about it, passionate about it, and want to share that knowledge and excitement with other people. I can do that at this job! Plus, sometimes I even get to work on goats. It doesn’t get much better than that.

June 19th

I just found out that I take my national technician certification/licensing exam on June 19th. Gulp.

Reader Question: Applying to Tech School

May I ask how it is that you started your application process? I am seriously considering a career as a vet technician and am looking for any advice I can get. Have you heard of distance learning programs like Penn Foster or Cedar Valley? Did you work at the kennel before you decided to become a technician? I really appreciate any advice I can get, when you have time, of course. Thanks!

I just called or e-mailed the school and set up an appointment with the admissions office.  Once I was there, I asked all my questions (I forget what all they were now) and decided to apply.  Filling out the paperwork and taking the entrance tests took some time, but nothing was difficult.  I was able to talk to admissions, take my entrance exams, and talk to financial aid all in the same visit.  I started classes two or three weeks later.

I’ve been able to get loans for all my tuition, but if I were to do it again I would ask about scholarships at the school and would work harder at finding outside scholarships (I should still do that!). A few weeks ago, I discovered that my school offers multiple scholarships, but they’re only for students in their first semester (and I am most definitely not in my first semester).

I’ve heard of the distance learning programs, but don’t know much about them.  There are at least a couple that are accredited by the AVMA.  You’ll want to make sure any program you’re interested in in accredited.  When Weatherman and I were looking at moving out-of-state a while back, I spent a bit of time looking in to distance education programs.  I believe you needed access to a vet clinic so you could practice your new-found knowledge.  I seem to recall there were also some video requirements.  I believe you were required to get video of yourself performing certain tasks and send those videos to your instructor.

I did work at the kennel before I decided to become a tech, but working at the kennel really did not factor in to my decision to go to tech school.  I’ve always planned to have a career in veterinary medicine – I just didn’t take the route I had originally planned.  In high school, I spent a lot of time volunteering and job shadowing in many different vet clinics.  Volunteering any place with animals, but especially clinics, is a great way to get experience and to see what you’ll really be doing with your tech degree.  Some clinics take volunteers and allow jobs shadows, others may not.  Animal shelters, veterinary schools, wildlife centers, and zoos are also good places to get some animal experience.  Some may have strict guidelines and application procedures you must follow and complete before you can volunteer.  At other places, all you need to do is call and say, ‘I want to volunteer” and they’ll get you started out right away.

Does that answer your questions sufficiently?  Please let me know if you have any other questions – I love telling others about this field!

Project 365: Day 4

Here’s January 4th’s Project 365 post, a few days late.

I worked my third job tonight and ended up working with the critter we had in isolation.  Before we go into the iso room, we have to take off accessories (watches, cell phones, etc.) and take things out of our pockets.  It was me and one other gal working in iso tonight and she threw me right in and kept me busy.  I hate it when people do that, because usually when they throw me in I’m not very confident of my skills.  What I really need, though, is for them to throw me in and make me do stuff.  My co-worker was right there with me to guide me and answer questions.  Everything went fine.  Some stuff I’m okay doing, even if I’m new on the job.  Other stuff, like giving things IV, freaks me out a bit more because there are bigger/more serious consequences if I screw up.

Here’s a picture of the stuff I was carrying on me and in my pockets the other night at work:

Day 4

I also had a pen and my wallet, but they didn’t make it into the picture for some reason.

Start of Semester Panic

I just got access to my online classes this morning. I’m taking four lectures online. Now that I’ve read through the assignments, I’m freaking out just a little bit. There’s a lot of work there! Essays (lots of essays!), worksheets, discussions, tests, quizzes, PowerPoints. Yikes! And that’s only half my classes. I have four labs I’m taking, too. Plus I’ll be working three jobs. And I’d like to see my husband at least once in a while this semester. And maybe exercise the dog. And clean my apartment.

The thing keeping me from freaking out completely is that I always freak out at the beginning of the semester. It’s all new material, new instructors, new deadlines for each class, etc. Once I get into things a little bit, get my schedule written out, and get the deadlines straight in my head, I’ll feel better. I’ll be freaking out less. I hope. The last time I took 12 credits I only had a work study job, a dorm room, and no husband or dog. Now I have an apartment, a husband, a dog, and three jobs.  Am I crazy?  I must be.