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Enough hair for five dogs

One thing I fail to understand about Collies (well, hairy dogs in general), is how I can brush out enough hair to make a whole ‘nother dog, yet the dog is still covered in hair and probably has enough to make three more dogs (we’re up to enough hair for five dogs now, in case you’ve lost count).  I could brush the Collie for hours, be standing in six inches of dog hair, and still have a whole dog full of hair.


Notice all that hair sitting on the dog.  I brush her and the hair sticks to her, sticks to me, and flies around.  And gets in my mouth.  Blech.

(I was going to show you a picture of the pile of hair I brushed out of this dog, but my photo-cropping program was locking up so I shut it down.  Just imagine a big pile of soft, fluffy dog hair that flies around and sticks to everything.  Or, you can just look at this picture of my big, fluffy Collie:


That’s the Collie, watching the world go by from our balcony.  She loves to sit (or stand) out there and just watch everything – the birds, the bunnies, the people, the dogs.  She’ll sit out there even if we’re in the house (as long as we’re not too far away).


A use for your rock collection

I have a decent-sized agate collection but all it ever does is sit in a box. I love looking at them (some of them are gorgeous), but don’t really want rocks sitting all over my apartment and even if I did, they would end up getting lost or buried under a pile of papers. While visiting with one of the ladies at our apartment office the other day about her agate collection, I came up with an idea for displaying my agate collection: Put the agates in a vase, jar or other clear container, fill it with water, and stick a plant in it. While Weatherman was napping tonight, I did just that. I found a little vase, filled it with some of my agates, added some water, and stuck a little baby spider plant in it (I think Pothos would probably work well, too). Here are the results:

I think it kind of looks like I pasted the vase into the picture.
I actually set the vase on the railing of our balcony and then took the picture.


Lovely agates.


A close-up of the baby spider plant.

This certainly didn’t take all my agates, but now at least some of them are out where I can enjoy them!

(Part of) My Day in Pictures

I snapped a few pictures at work today and then after work when I took the dog for a short walk.

Out behind the kennels at work we have this gorgeous tree (click on the pictures to see them bigger).  It was difficult to get a good shot of it because of all the other trees around it.  It’s a big tree, with spreading branches.


A few close-ups of the flowers:



After work, The Collie and I went out for a quick walk.  On our way down the stairs, we saw this lovely view out the window:


Once we got outside, we saw a few deer (not one of my better pictures):


The sunset tonight was gorgeous:


I love “trees against sky” pictures:


We continued on our walk.  I know this next one is a little blurry, but I still think it looks sort of neat.  Kind of “artsy”, like I did one of those fancy edits to it:



Some Aspen/Poplar leaves:


When we were almost back home, I decided it would be nice to get a shot of the grass.  At the same time, The Collie decided to sniff the exact grass I wanted to photograph.  This happens a lot with things I’m photographing.  Many of my pictures have a Collie nose, ears, or other body parts in them.


I moved the Collie and tried again:


Those are the only parts of my day I have in pictures.  I didn’t take pictures of feeding dogs, checking dogs in and out, cleaning up after dogs, my scheduling meeting, the baby giraffe I saw, or doing an interview with a high school student (Which was quite fun!  She had to interview me about my job, the qualifications and training required, etc.).

Little Daffodil

How can you look at this not be happy?


Project 365: Day 6

There are two options for today’s picture.  Here’s number 1 (I’ll explain in a minute)

Day 6

Here’s number 2:

Day 6, picture 2

Two things happened on Day 6 that I wanted to make note of: We FINALLY got our new dishwasher installed and I got my package from the office, which was my Christmas and birthday present from my husband, the Good-looking Weatherman.  He got me Fannie May Mint Meltaways.  Mmmmm.  They’re super tasty.  And minty.  And choclately.  Anyway…  When I was trying to fiure out the picture for the day, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate both events.  Hence picture 1 (which was way better in my mind, by the way – it was funny and not nearly so ridiculous as it seems in real life).  Since picture 1 didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped (dreamed), I took picture 2 (which is actually something like picture 8 and there are more pictures after it).

Project 365: Day 5

I’m quickly falling behind in updating my Project 365 photos.  Grrr!  At any rate, now that I’ve watermarked, rotated, and re-watermarked the pictures, I can upload some tonight.  Here’s Day 5:

Day 5

Day 5 was on a Monday.  My Christmas/birthday present was deliver via UPS and Weatherman and I went to see “Marley and Me” that evening.  We both enjoyed the movie.  We weren’t able to pick up our UPS delivery until the next day because the office closed before we could get over there.

Project 365: Day 4

Here’s January 4th’s Project 365 post, a few days late.

I worked my third job tonight and ended up working with the critter we had in isolation.  Before we go into the iso room, we have to take off accessories (watches, cell phones, etc.) and take things out of our pockets.  It was me and one other gal working in iso tonight and she threw me right in and kept me busy.  I hate it when people do that, because usually when they throw me in I’m not very confident of my skills.  What I really need, though, is for them to throw me in and make me do stuff.  My co-worker was right there with me to guide me and answer questions.  Everything went fine.  Some stuff I’m okay doing, even if I’m new on the job.  Other stuff, like giving things IV, freaks me out a bit more because there are bigger/more serious consequences if I screw up.

Here’s a picture of the stuff I was carrying on me and in my pockets the other night at work:

Day 4

I also had a pen and my wallet, but they didn’t make it into the picture for some reason.

Project 365: Day 3

Another day of missed opportunities due to the camera sitting at home on the bookshelf (lot of good it does me there). Oh, well. I did get out and take some pictures of the ice and snow tonight while Good-looking Weatherman was scraping the ice off of his car. I missed getting a picture of him scraping his mirror right off his car, though (don’t worry, we got it re-attached). We also took some pictures of dinner – we made biscuits and gravy. It was okay. Weatherman thought it was heavenly. The biscuits were pretty darn good with some butter and homemade jam. Mmmmm.

Anyway, out of the fifty or sixty pictures I took tonight (What? Tonight was a slow picture night.), here is my most favorite one:

Project 365 - Day 3

I love it!

Here’s another one I like, though I think it would look better without my beat-up water bottle in it:

Mmmmm. Those biscuits were fantastically yummy.

Project 365: Day 2

I’m toying with the idea of starting a separate blog for the Project 365 thing. I’ll let you know if I decide to actually do it.

Multiple opportunities to take some good pictures today. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home all day, so I missed most of ’em. Work was nothing exciting, other than discovering I received a tip last week. Woo hoo! After work, I met a friend, former employee, and classmate (all one person, not three separate people) for coffee. I usually see her every week at school, but since we’re on break I haven’t been seeing her at all recently. It was great to catch up with her. This evening was my husband’s company work party. I (almost) always enjoy visiting with his co-workers. There was bowling after dinner but we weren’t able to stay for that because one of us had to work tonight.

My picture options for today’s pick were limited. Because of that, I never even considered bringing my coffee cup home so I could photograph it.  See, here’s proof:

Day 2

Note the empty freezer-top with no coffee cup.  See?  I told you I didn’t bring my empty cup home.

There was a different picture I wanted to post but it turned out too blurry.  The restaurant we went to tonight had an insert in their menu that had so many spelling and grammar errors on it it almost seemed like they did it that way on purpose.  I took a picture using the camera on my cell phone but that camera isn’t good for close-up detail stuff like that.  Oh, well.

Project 365: Day 1

Today is the starting day of Project 365!  For Day 1, I had trouble deciding what I was going to focus on in my daily picture.  A pillow, because I took a nap?  Something from work since I worked five hours today?  The Christmas tree, because I took it down tonight?  Some random thing?  I shot a bunch of pictures tonight and ultimately chose this one (my computer with my Photoshop and Lighroom trials on it is down, so this photo is sans-editing):

Project 365 Day 1

Nothing too spectacular and it was actually taken as a test shot.  It’s a dog toy in front of the Christmas tree.  But check out the lights on the tree – they’re neat little circles!  Those little circles are called “bokeh” – something I learned about on Pioneer Woman’s Photography Blog.  Once I read that post, I decided I wanted to try and get little circles of light in my pictures and decided a Christmas tree was a great place to try.  Success!