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Happy Sunday!

choirI hope you’re having a great Sunday and getting some time to relax. My Sunday has gone quite well, thus far. Today was my first day singing with the choir at this church (I started attending this church less than two months ago). Everyone was quite happy to see that I had joined choir. The people at this church are so friendly and welcoming – they’re a great example of how members of a church should act. They’ve been just fantastic. One person in particular has made it her mission to see that I get introduced to as many people as possible. I now recognize lots of faces at church. If only I could remember the names that went with them.

After church was Sunday school, where we eat some super-tasty food and discuss whatever passage we’re focusing on at the time.   I wonder if there’s a connection between the weekly snacks at Sunday school and my pants shrinking?

Following Sunday School there was a business meeting to provide a good excuse to have a potluck to update everyone on the status of the search for a permanent pastor and to go over the 2008 and 2009 budgets. While we all ate yummy food and desserts, various people gave, you guessed it, updates on the pastoral search and went over (as in discussed, not overspent) the budget.

I to the store after church, then came home and took the dog out to play some fetch (and so I could take pictures of her).  Once I edit a few pictures, I’ll post them.

Now I’ve downloaded a trial of Adobe Lightroom program and am trying to figure out how it works.  There are lots of buttons, sliders, arrows, and tools to use there.  I’m hoping to have some more time to play with it and learn how it all works over break.

Tonight, Weatherman and I are going to put up our tree and decorate for Christmas, only two weeks later than I wanted to.  I’ve decorated at work, but haven’t done any here at home yet (that tells you where I’ve been spending all my time, doesn’t it?).

I’m off to edit some pictures.  How was your Sunday?

Photo from: Scott Schram


Mmmmm, jam…

Right now, I’m listening to jar lids “pop”.  I love that sound!  My jars of jam finished boiling a few minutes ago and now they’re sitting on the counter.

I started making jam the summer we got married.  I had never made it before and had never helped anyone make it.  One day, I just decided I wanted to learn how to make jam.  Off to the library I went and came home armed with a few good books.  My mom helped me make my first batch.  We ended up with a peach sauce instead of jam, because we ended up nearly pureeing the peaches instead of chopping them, but the sauce was really good!  Since then, I’ve made cherry jam, pear jam, plum jam, and more peach jam.  It’s really not as difficult as it seems at first.  It does take some time, but it’s relatively simple process: Wash up all your jars and lids, chop the fruit, combine the fruit with sugar and lemon juice, boil it, add the pectin, boil it some more, put it in jars, put lids on, boil the jars of jam, let them sit, then enjoy!  There are no complex steps, but the instructions do need to be followed carefully or your jam won’t set or may not seal properly (in which case you can re-process it in the boiling water or just refrigerate it and use it up before too long).

I haven’t determined if making jam is more economical than buying it at the store (perhaps I’ll run down costs in a future post), but it tastes sooooo much better than the store jam. There’s also the satisfaction I get from making the jam and then eating something I’ve made.  If you like working in the kitchen and you like eating jam (or have a lot of extra fruit around), try making some jam.  The results will be tasty!

Pictures from Hematology Lab

Work is getting crazy-busy now (lots of people leaving for the Fourth of July and summer vacations), plus I had a test in hematology lecture this week, which has left me little time for extra activities like writing.  Since I haven’t written lately, I thought I’d share some pictures from hematology lab a few weeks ago.

An eosinophil

The giant purple and pink cell is an eosinophil, which is a type of white blood cell. The rest of the cells are red blood cells.

A neutrophil

The big cell here is a neutrophil, another type of white blood cell.  Neutrophils are the most common white blood cells seen in dogs.


The three cells at the end of the pointer are platelets.  Platelets aren’t always that easy to see.  Sometimes they stain very pale.  They can vary quite a lot in size, too.

Lots of neutrophils

All the purple splotches and shapes are neutrophils (or rather, the nuclei of neutrophils – you can’t see their cytoplasm in this picture).  It is not normal to see that many neuts together.  My classmate who had this slide said she counted 34 neuts in one field of view! There are a few platelets in the lower right-hand quadrant of the field of the view. You can’t easily tell from this picture (unless you’re a hematology expert), but the patient this blood came from was extremely anemic and very sick.

Nucleated Red Blood Cell

The deep, dark purple cell in a nucleated red blood cell.  It’s an immature form of a red blood cell.  Seeing a lot of these on a blood smear isn’t normal.  If you do see a lot, it means the patient may have a problem where it doesn’t have enough mature red blood cells.  Since there aren’t enough mature red blood cells, the body starts kicking immature ones out in to the bloodstream to try to compensate for the lack of mature red blood cells. The pale cluster of cells in the upper right is a group of platelets.

That’s all for tonight.  Enjoy!

Stay tuned and a few pictures of The Collie

Stay tuned.  I have some posts planned and have been editing some pictures to upload.  I’ve been sick this week, so between work and school, I haven’t been doing a whole lot else.  I have the next two days off, though, and I’m hoping to get at least a little bit of time to work on this blog.  Until then, here are a couple pictures of The Collie.  Enjoy!

The Collie keeps a close watch for any crumbs that may fall to the floor.

A close-up of The Collie’s left ear. Her right ear stands straight up (as you can see in the above picture).