Weekly (sort of) links: Bachelorette Party/Wedding Shower Edition

This weekend I attended a bachelorette party at a cabin way back in the woods (I saw a really neat moth and took some pictures, which I’ll post later) and then went to a wedding shower for my cousin’s fiance’.  The shower was especially fun, as I got to see and visit with a cousin and a few “aunties” that I generally don’t see very often.  I always love it when I get a chance to go spend time with any of my family and I never get to do it enough.  Take time to enjoy your family when the opportunity presents itself.  With that, here are some interesting links I’ve found since the last time I did a “weekly” links post:

First, some finance-related humor via Broke Grad Student in a George Carlin Tribute.

I discovered a new blog this week.  Looks interesting and he seems to have some ideas for keeping on top of finances if you have ADD/ADHD.  Some of his tips are great for everyone – not just those with ADD/ADHD.

If you have “extra” or duplicate files on your computer, but don’t want to take the time to sort through everything, check out this post over at WiseBread.  If that program doesn’t work for you, check the comments as there’s another one listed.  I should try this program – I know I have a ton of duplicate files (in part, due to switching computer a number of times and the files getting copied to the new computer more than once).

To celebrate its launch, Almost Frugal is having a gift card giveaway.  Check out the post and you can enter to win one of three gift cards!  Who doesn’t love free “money”?

Over at Prime Time Money, there’s a guest post listing reasons you’d be happier if you were debt free.  I should come up with my own list – perhaps it will keep me and Husband inspired to stick to our budget.

If you think being frugal takes up too much time, check out these tips from The Simple Dollar.  Trent lists ideas that not only save you money, but may even save you time (of course, they’ll take time to initially complete, but after that initial time investment, the job is done and continues to save you money with no added work).  Making frugality “work” for you is so much easier if it doesn’t eat up hours of your time.

We’re getting in to our hot weather season here.  If you’re looking for some tips to stay cool, Mrs. Micah has compiled a great list of ideas.  Be sure to check the comments for even more tips.

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